Joy Snyder will preside over the Newcomerstown Exempted Village School District's Board of Education.

The board voted on Snyder's position at their organizational meeting Jan. 12 (prior to the regular board meeting).

Board member Steven Brode will serve as the vice president.

The meeting time and dates were established as the second Monday of the month in the conference room at Newcomerstown High School starting at 5:30 p.m.

The board also authorized Treasurer Dan Stocker and Superintendent Jeff Staggs to conduct business on behalf of the school district.

Staggs will also serve as the purchasing agent for the school district during the 2009 calendar year.

The committees for 2009 are as follows (they are the same as in 2008):

Finance -- Brode and Arlene Mayhew;

Transportation -- Brode and Mayhew;

Buildings and Grounds -- Brode and Snyder;

Textbooks -- Mayhew and Phil Murphy;

Negotiations -- Snyder and Murphy;

Athletic Council -- Tammy Rexroad and Murphy;

Music Council -- Rexroad and Murphy;

Lee Stadium -- Rexroad and Murphy;

Tax Incentive Review Council -- Brode; and

Wall of Honor -- Snyder and Mayhew.

The board also approved Mayhew as the OSBA Legislative Liaison for 2009 and Rexroad as the OSBA Student Achievement Liaison for 2009. These, too, were the same as in 2008.