Eberwine selected to 2009 All-American junior trapshooting teamVANDALIA -- Carter Eberwine of Coshocton has been selected to the 2009 junior (age 15-17) All-American trapshooting team, according to Bruce Reed, president of the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA), which determines the teams. This is the first time Eberwine has been named an All-American.The ATA hosts both the Grand American (the 11-day world tournament which in August drew almost 3,500 contestants to the World Shooting & Recreational Complex, near Sparta, Ill.) and a series of "satellite" Grands (smaller, regional tournaments providing Grand American-style trophies and competition). The association also sponsors five zone shoots.At the Grand American, Eberwine tied for a junior trophy in the Remington Nitro 27 Handicap with 97x100.Eberwine's awards at his Ohio State tournament included top age-group honors in the Singles Championship and the high-over-all (the sum of all targets shot).He earned additional points toward All-American team selection for his trophies and scores while competing at the Pennsylvania and West Virginia state tournaments plus the Cardinal Classic in Ohio, one of several large regional tournaments throughout the country.Established in 1923, the ATA promotes and governs the sport of trapshooting, primarily in the United States and Canada. In the 2008 target year, 33,255 members participated in the sport, competing in one or more of the 7,816 sanctioned tournaments (shoots registered by the ATA organization) on the local, regional, state, zone and world championship levels.Trapshooters fire at clay targets (approximately 4-1/4 inches in diameter and 1-1/8 inch in height) launched at varying angles. In single events, all entrants stand at the 16-yard lien and fire at one target at a time; in handicap, participants are assigned a yardage from 19 to 27 yards (according to averages and known ability) and fire at one target at a time; in doubles, two targets are released at the same time and each contestant, standing at the 16-yard line, is allowed one shot for each.Trapshooting celebrities have included Annie Oakley, John Philip Sousa and Roy Rogers.To learn more about trapshooting, call the ATA at (937) 898-4638 or visit the association's Web site www.shootata.com to find a local club near you.