Students of the Month

For the month of November, six individuals have been identified as Students of the Month. Mr. Thomas, sixth grade math teacher, chose sixth graders Taylor Bradford and Austin Zufelt. Mrs. Baker, seventh grade reading teacher, selected seventh graders Abbey Neighbor and Josh Green, and Ms. McCune, eighth grade math teacher, nominated eighth graders Dustin Bryant and Kristen Gardner.

Taylor Bradford's high expectations, strong work ethic, and high standard of excellence impress Mr. Thomas. He said, "These are great character traits for a girl who expects to accomplish many great things." According to Taylor, one of her strong points is math. One of her hobbies is playing the guitar. Her greatest accomplishment is only breaking one bone in her body. In the future, she hopes to do something great.

Mr. Thomas nominated Austin Zufelt because he possesses a strong desire to be successful at everything that he does and because he is always prepared. "I really appreciate Austin's sense of humor and his nice personality," Mr. Thomas commented. Since Austin enjoys doing experiments, he likes science class the most. In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports and spending time with his friends. He hopes to become a professional sport player someday.

"Josh is a good role model for all of us," Mrs. Baker remarked about Josh Green. Some characteristics that demonstrate that he is a good role model are that he gets along well with teachers and peers, participates willingly in school and community functions and conscientiously does his assignments. Josh believes that the most influential person in his life is his mother because she helps him and is encouraging. He has many activities that he enjoys: Basketball, soccer, Taekwondo, baseball, cross country and riding his dirt bike. Going to nationals for Taekwondo is Josh's greatest achievement so far in his life.

Mrs. Baker selected Abbey Neighbor because "she is pleasant to students and teachers alike and is always ready with a smile." Mrs. Baker appreciates that Abbey likes to do her best on assignments and turns them in on time. Abbey's favorite class is reading because she is able to select from a large variety of books and because she just loves to read. She also enjoys cheerleading, taking baton at Studio 3, and hanging out with her friends and cousins. So far in her life, her most significant accomplishment in twirling two or three batons at once.

Dustin Bryant instantly came to Ms. McCune's mind when she was considering whom she should select for Student of the Month. She said, "Dustin is such a pleasure to have in class. He comes to class every day with a wonderful attitude, willing to work hard to get the job done." So far this year in math, Dustin has a perfect homework record. Ms. McCune feels that he is an example for his peers to follow. One of Dustin's strengths is his patience. Dustin is an outdoorsman: He loves to hunt, fish, and hike. Securing a job in construction is Dustin's career goal.

"Kristen brightens the classroom when she walks through the door," remarked Ms. McCune about Kristen Gardner. Her willingness to learn and completing homework without complaint are two more of her admirable traits. Ms. McCune feels that Kristen is a great role model. Kristen likes math class because she enjoys doing complicated work. She said that the NMS teachers teach with a positive attitude, which, in turn, makes her have a positive attitude. Helping the disabled complete everyday activities is what Kristen views as her greatest accomplishment in life.

Mr. Peoples, the teachers, and staff at NMS congratulate these students for becoming Students of the Month. They represent our school well. Mr. Peoples will treat them soon to a lunch at Terry's Pizza Shoppe and there will also be a display honoring them in the hallway.

National Junior Honor Society officers

Earlier this month, the Newcomerstown Middle School National Junior Honor Society elected officers for the new school year, and the results were as follows: President, Kara Jenkins; vice president, Shae Taylor; secretary, Chandler Shryock; and treasurer, Ethan Everhart.

Folk music study

The seventh grade general music students of Mrs. Barnes recently finished their nine-week study of folk music by making a folk instrument of their own. These instruments were to be made of materials on the students had on hand. Most students made percussion instruments. Many were decorated with bright colors and designs.

Taking top honors were Steven Poe "most creative," for bongo drums with balloon heads, and Tyler Korns received both "Best Sounding" and "Best Instrument." Korns made a unique instrument named "Thunder in a Can." He used a hollow plastic tube, a plexiglass plug and a long spring to create a very resonant instrument that could be played in many ways. Mrs. Barnes is always happy to see how creative her music students can be.

Pizza Hut Peeler cards

The middle school and high school Relay For Life teams are both selling Pizza Hut Peeler cards. Price of these cards is $10 each,and will give you one free medium pizza every time you purchase a large, good for 36 times. These Pizza Huts peelers will be honored at the Uhrichsville, New Philadelphia and Cambridge locations as well as many others.

If you would like to order a card, you may contact Amy Miller at the middle school or see one of the team members know.