Thank you parents!Our kindergarten and first grade students are learning so much! Each day our kindergarten students learn more letters and sounds and many students are putting the letters together to form words. The first grade students are becoming quite the readers! Our teachers work extremely hard every day but without parents help, these academic gains do not take place. Thank you so much for taking the time to read to your children, to ask them the sounds they hear in words, ask them to count for you, and work with flashcards, with numbers, letters, sounds and sight words. You are making a difference in your child's learning that will help them throughout their school careers. Recent studies have pointed out that students who do not read fluently and have good comprehension by third grade basically go through life being non readers. We want to thank you so much for your interest and devotion to your child's academic success. *****Running deer comes for a visitRunning Deer, aka Mrs. Alice Hoover, a retired fourth grade teacher, came to East School in November to tell our students about the first Thanks giving. The students learned many new things and were able look at animal skins that Indians may have hunted for and clothes that Indians might have worn. *****Christmas programsWe would like to thank everyone for attending our East School Christmas programs. The students worked so hard practicing their songs, skits and poems. They did an excellent job! A BIG thank you goes out to Mrs. Robin Masloski for her efforts in producing the first of many wonderful season of programs for the elementary schools. *****Santa shop big success!Students here at East school were able to do some Christmas shopping of their own. The East School PTO sponsered the Santa Shop during the first week of December. Students were able to find gifts for family and friends with the help of many "elves." We want to thank all the volunteers who came and made this a fun time for our students!*****New Year's wishesThe East School Staff would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your best wishes for the New Year. We appreciate all the help and support you give all year!*****Student of the MonthThe January Student of the Month is Alex Storck, a first grader from Mrs. Taggart's room.