Newcomerstown Council has announced the purchase of a new street sweeper at a cost of $148,500. The village's previous street sweeper caught fire and was destroyed last October.

The new sweeper is on it's way and will soon be seen on the village streets doing it's job.

Other business from the Feb. 16 council meeting included:

* Council approved the resignation of village labor pool employee Mitch Bradford, effective for Feb. 13. Mayor Steve Guy later commented that the village will not be hiring a replacement for Bradford at this time.

"With the current economy we want to hold off on hiring anyone else right now," he said.

* Final paperwork for FEMA funding (reimbursement for the damage in the village following the September 2008 storm) has been completed. The village is expecting about $16,000. The village will need to match 25 percent of the funding per the criteria for the reimbursement funds.

* Village solicitor Shaun Lindsay will review the junk and weeds ordinance for the village to see if any further recommendations are needed for enforcement.

Mayor Guy said, "We basically want to shore up the ordinance and make sure everything is being done that can legally be done to enforce it (the ordinance)."

* The police department was approved for a $2,400 clothing allowance for the year. The allowance will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

* The topic of a pay increase for the police department has been tabled by council until a later date.

* Forms for the rental property owners in the village are now available online to register properties. The Web site address is Those not having Internet access can register at the mayor's office. All rental property owners must register each property they own. There is no cost for the registrations.