Kathy Hunka, formerly of Uhrichsville and now resides in southern Tuscarawas County, was asked last September by the "Doll Crafter and Costuming" magazine to create a Springtime Raggedy Ann doll for their spring 2009 issue. And she did that and more.

The magazine encompasses many different genres of doll making. Well-known artists are usually featured on the cover and the inside is full of patterns, advice and how to projects ranging from cloth dolls to sculpture. Hunka's cloth doll is featured in the April 2009 issue. Copies of the magazine may be found online or at the Border's Bookstore on the Strip in Canton.

On the heals of this magazine, Hunka has also created two more designs for another national magazine, "Create and Decorate Magazine," for the fall of 2009. The August issue will feature an old time, baseball Uncle Sam doll and their holiday issue will feature Sherwood the Snowman. Copies of this magazine are more localized.

"I come from a family of six kids and creativity comes from both sides of my family," she said. "Every time I had enough money saved, I would go down to the local 5 and 10 store and instead of buying candy, I would buy pillow cases or table runners and floss so I could stitch!"

Now, her husband helps with creating a wooden base for a doll if that's what the pattern calls for and her daughter acts as a sounding board for suggestions on dolls she's designing.

"I tried to quit several times because I eventually had to work outside of the home but found I couldn't leave the fabric and the creativity alone," she said.

Today, Hunka concentrates on creating one-of-a-kind dolls for online sales and some make it into a pattern. To see more of Hunka's work, visit eBay online and look under the user ID of kathysprims. She also maintains a Web site, www.kathysprims.com, where you can find more dolls for sale and patterns from her pattern line.