GNADENHUTTEN -- In order to balance the budget, the Indian Valley Local Board of Education started making cuts at their meeting March 16.

"It's a little bit of everything across the board," Treasurer Brad Maholm said about the cuts for the school district.

The board approved eliminating the groundskeeper position, effective Sept. 4, and abolishing two bus routes (Bus Routes No. 9 and 18), effective Aug. 24.

Maholm said more cuts will, most likely, be coming to general instructional supplies. The school district will also not be purchasing a new bus this coming school year and will not be adding new computers to the classrooms as part of the budgetary eliminations.

But, Maholm said, "We will wait and see what happens," regarding the state's budget that may impact the school district's funding.

In personnel matters, the following items were approved:

* Chris Dobbins, Shelly Stahl, Sue Crabtee, Karen Tschudy, Rachelle Braun, Julie Wilson, Curt Glazer, Becka Hicks, Casey Smith, Tiffany Haney, Megan Heath, Jean Stull, Sara Dittfield, Amy Bryant, Adam Gump and Mike Archinal were approved as afterschool tutors on an as-needed basis at $18 per hour for the 2008-2009 school year.

* Casey Smith and Heather Pinelli as substitute teachers.

* Dave and Diane Bell as volunteers for the indoor track program.

* Aaron Haney as the JV baseball coach.

* Erin Price's maternity leave beginning April 27.

* Ira Wentworth as principal at Midvale Elementary for a three-year contract, effective Aug. 1.

* Bill Love as the high school Dean of Students for a five-year contract, effective Aug. 1.

* Roger Bond as the principal at Port Washington Elementary for a five-year contract, effective Aug. 1.

* Eric Jurkovich as the principal at Tuscarawas Middle School for a five-year contract, effective Aug. 1.

* Archie Gardner Jr. as the classified coordinator for a three-year contract, effective Sept. 30.

* Resignation for retirement of Martha Roudebush, Indian Valley High School Principal, effective June 30.

The board also approved the open enrollment policy as adopted by the board of education on March 17, 2008.

Bill Love, Athletic Director, discussed spring sports with the board of education and Denise Picchetti spoke about the Cab program.

The next meeting will be Monday, April 20 at 7 p.m. at the Indian Valley High School Multi-Purpose Room.