The Village of Newcomerstown recently purchased a new regenerative air sweeper built by Schwarze Industries Inc. of Huntsville, Ala.

"The addition of the new air sweeper is important because the machine offers a number of state-of-the-art advantages designed to provide a cleaner environment for our citizens," Newcomerstown Street Superintendent J.R. Simmons said.

The regenerative air process used by this type of sweeper re-circulates dirty air created during operation, rather than exhausting it into the air as fugitive dust. At the same time, the thorough cleaning action of the sweeper reduces the amount of storm water runoff pollutants available to enter the rivers and streams. These features are designed to provide greater compliance with the U.S. EPA Clean Air and Clean Water Acts as they apply to minimizing these two major sources of air and water pollutants.

Unlike the village's previous sweeper, the Schwarze-built sweeper is able to sweep equally well in both forward and reverse. This is a timesaving feature designed to provide a greater level of productivity by the village sweeper operators. The sweeper also includes at 12-volt hydraulic system that helps to minimize dust escapement during startup and while dumping collected debris. Proper use of this feature is also credited with drastically reducing the chance of injury to nearby pedestrians or cars due to flying debris. The sweepers are mounted onto standard production truck chassis, which allows quick familiarity by operators and minimizes transit time and cost to travel to and from the equipment storage facility.

"Newcomerstown is proud to report that it has taken this step to improve the quality of life for our citizens, as well as our compliance with the latest federal EPA guidelines," Simmons said.

For questions about the equipment, call the street department at 498-8655.