WEST LAFAYETTE -- Problems with parking and exiting at the new ball diamond were heavily discussed by West Lafayette Village Council last Monday.

The first concern mentioned was regarding the location of the parking lot and it's close proximity to the village water wells. According to Mayor Jack Patterson, the parking lot for the ball diamond must be at least 200 feet from the water well site in order to comply with EPA water safety regulations. The planned parking lot will accommodate 150 vehicles. Concern was also voiced about potential overflow after the parking lot becomes filled to capacity. Council discussed posting signs and barricading vehicle access to the north side of the ball diamond.

The second concern addressed was regarding the road that will be used to exit the ball diamond. The current road is very narrow and has private residential property on both sides. Council discussed the road being changed into a one-way road during ball season and posting signs to the one way road that could be interchangeable. Access to the ball diamond is reportedly not an issue at this point, according to Patterson. The potential for damage to the private, residential property was also verbalized. Council members agreed that more discussion into both matters was warranted before the ball diamond is opened to the public. The tentative opening date is May. Council approved the purchase of gravel for the main access and parking lot at a cost of $4,000.

Other business from the April 13 session included:

* Council voted to retain Carol Wears, as manager, and Lynn Hardesty, as the assistant manager for the pool this year.

* Village will take no further action at this time regarding the plans for the village to possibly enter into a JEDD (Joint Economical Development District) contract nor have they decided on annexation of the properties that are located south-west of the village corporation limit. Council reported being informed that the current owners of the property have not given a final decision on the sale of the property yet, and that there were several questions and issues that needed further addressed by the owners.

* Finance committee chairman Gary Loos said the village's finances were recently reviewed and are currently in good standing.

* EPA audit for the village was recently completed and no significant findings reported.

* The village will be checking into a possible gas supplier program for residents. Village Administrator David Kardi said information has been received stating that Columbia Gas will no longer be a residential gas supplier after February 2009.

* Approval was given to the Village Administrator to investigate a study for the village to provide possible future sewage service to Johnson Road residents.

* Council approved a resolution for mutual aide between the Coshocton County sheriff's office and the West Lafayette Police Department.

* Council agreed to review the need for historical/recreational projects. Mayor Patterson said he had received information from the Coshocton County commissioner's office regarding available funding for such projects.

* West Lafayette Chamber of Commerce will meet at Lafayette Pointe on April 28 at 6 p.m.

* Yellow Flag Yard Sales will be May 1-2.

Council will meet again April 27 at 7 p.m.