Police: Stop drugs, support K-9 program

The Village of Newcomerstown is speaking out to the public and addressing the current drug problem within the village. Police Chief Tim Miller is actively pursuing a K-9 program within the department.

Chief Miller has appointed Officer Michael Brooks as the new K-9 officer. Officer Brooks brings with him a wide variety of experiences from a diverse background. The village is asking for the public's support and assistance to help kick-start the program. Currently, the village has a K-9 fund that is set in place but is still in need of additional funding.

The K-9 program was set-up due to the public's outcry of the drug and crime problems within the community. Last year in Tuscarawas County alone, there were hundreds of cases involving narcotics and/or other drugs. Of those, multiple cases were directly linked to Newcomerstown including two felonies. While it is proven that when a K-9 program is set in place, the drug and crime problems decline. The availability of the resources are not always available and many of the offenders never get apprehended and continue to drive the community down.

The canine unit provides specially-trained K-9 teams charged with the responsibility to successfully fulfill the needs of the Division of Police by assisting patrol officers, narcotic officers, SWAT officers and detectives in crime suppression through criminal apprehension and evidence recovery. The canine unit provides the following areas of expertise to accomplish this task: Building search, area search, tracking, criminal apprehension, evidence search and narcotics detection. The canine unit may, subject to availability, assist another law enforcement agency as a mutual aid participant.

Officer Brooks and others have spent numerous hours of their own time researching the steps that are needed to get the program started. The officers have made the contacts to get the training donated to the department as well as some of the equipment. Now, they seek the assistance from the public to meet them in the middle.

Officers Brooks and Todd Carr are asking for you to help by making donations to the fund. Currently, the police are accepting all forms of donations at the police station or via mail, 124 W. Church St., Newcomerstown, OH 43832.

"The entire Newcomerstown Police Department thank you for your assistance and support, and hope with your help, we can get rid of the drug problems in your community," Chief Miller said.