WEST LAFAYETTE -- The Village of West Lafayette will soon be ready for hot dogs, baseball and apple pie, that is as soon as a few details are completed.

According to village councilmember Ron Lusk, the parking lot and electric for the concession stand is scheduled to be completed within the next couple weeks. Lusk said local baseball leagues are ready to start scheduling games and practices very soon, and the village is anticipating the same.

The baseball diamond located on the north side of the village was the topic of a few concerns during an earlier council meeting. Those concerns about the close proximity of the village water well and parking for the ball diamond patrons have been addressed. Measures have been taken to remain in compliance with EPA guidelines. Lusk said the far north area has now been roped off and signs are being posted that will restrict all parking on that side. The EPA guidelines state that all vehicle parking and traffic must be at least 200 feet from the water wells in order to keep the village water supply safe.

Another of the earlier concerns voiced was the access from the ball diamond. Council has not yet made a final decision on whether to convert the street to temporary a one way or not. The street is very narrow and voiced concern was that traffic would be damaging the private properties on each side of the street attempting to enter and exit in a two-way fashion.

A village citizen and north George Street resident Darla Williams was present at council's meeting and voiced her concerns about the ball diamond. Williams said concerns about potential odors being created by the outdoor toilet facilities and the dumpster.

She also said, "Those outhouses and that dumpster are an eyesore."

Mayor Jack Patterson informed Williams that the toilet facilities and dumpster would be properly maintained and odors will be contained as best as possible. Williams also said her concern about the possibility of Water Street being converted to a one-way street. She said her father resides near Water Street and would have difficulty exiting his driveway which is off Water Street. Mayor Patterson informed Williams that council has been discussing the possibility of a temporary one-way, and are also taking residents' needs and concerns into account.

Williams said she felt the village was "not being considerate" of the north George Street residents when they constructed the ball diamond and did not seek the opinions of those residents prior to the beginning of the project.

Mayor Patterson replied that, "Water Street and the ball diamond area are village property and the village will do with it as it pleases, but the village will also be mindful and considerate of residents that live near the area to the best of our ability."

A dedication of the ball diamond dug-outs will be May 20 at 4 p.m. The district governor is scheduled to attend the ceremony.

Other business discussed by council at council's meeting included:

* Two village residents residing near east Fourth Street were also present and requesting for council to consider giving authorized control of vacant property that is owned by the village. The residents report they have been maintaining the property for several years. They also have experienced a reported neighbor dispute regarding use, and maintenance of the property. Mayor Patterson suggested the residents obtain a petition and site survey, then submit it to council for further investigation.

* Mike Carder, representative for GGC, presented information to council regarding the availability of a design loan through OWDA that could be used for the village to upgrade the village sewage system. The village would have to apply by May 15. Council will discuss the options and announce a decision at the next regular session.

* West Lafayette now has a recycling station available on Main Street near the restaurant. Paper, cardboard, plastic can be deposited but no glass accepted.

* Chamber of Commerce President Christie Maurer announced that the West Lafayette Hometown Festival will be Aug. 7-8. This year's theme is "Childhood Memories."

Village council approved to change the date of their second monthly session to May 18 at 7 p.m. due to the Memorial Day holiday.

Council later entered executive session to discuss a personnel issue. No action expected.