WEST LAFAYETTE -- Summer rain and humidity facilitates the grass growing at such a quick pace, seems like you just get the lawn mowed and it's time to start all over again! With summer not far off the horizon, the village of West Lafayette has decided it is an opportune time to update and clarify the village weed and high grass ordinance.

"We (the village) now have more understanding of the ordinance and will be following it very closely," Mayor Jack Patterson said.

The village will "look at other alternatives" for those residents that are not compliant with the ordinance, he said. Patterson requested that all village residents should mow their lawns on a regular schedule and maintain properties accordingly.

Village Administrator David Kadri said updating of the ordinance was basically to clarify and give more structure to the ordinance.

"It will give more detail and provide the correct procedure for residents to file complaints about high weeds, and grass, as well as dilapidated structures, or unsightly property," he said.

Residents will be able to file complaints at the village office or online through the village's Web site, Kadri said. A committee will be comprised of the village administrator and the police chief to review complaints. They will then contact the property owner, then proceed from that point to resolve the issue.

Other business from the May 11 meeting included:

* Approval for the village to enter into a cooperative contract for a state planning project with the Ohio Water Development Authority.

* Approval to transfer money from the 2009 FEMA funds to the street department.

* Approval to add to the village swimming pool funds for maintenance. The pool committee is requesting to purchase a specific drain cover in order to decrease potential increased suction power which has been linked to several drownings nationwide. They are also requesting new pool filters. The total cost is $3,700.

* Council approved the village to join the Ohio Utilities Protection System at a yearly cost of $250.

* Anti slip paint for the bandstand floor at Burt Park is being investigated.

* Street paving on Oak and Johnson roads will soon begin.

* Police chief Terry Mardis said the department has recently received several commendations, including an award from the Victims Rights Council. The department is now displaying a newly designed patch on their uniforms.

* Council approved the new lifeguards for the 2009 summer season. All are certified lifeguards according to Council President Dave Rogers.

Council's next meeting will be June 8 at 7 p.m.