The suggestion of the use of a time clock for all village employees, including salaried employees, was met with mixed emotion during the Newcomerstown Village Council meeting June 15.

Councilmember Dave Hickman had made a suggestion for all village employees to use a time clock to facilitate better tracking of for the village's payment reporting system. Currently, the supervisor for each department submits hand-written pay reports.

"I just think a time clock system would be a better way to keep track of everyone's hours," Hickman said.

Councilmember Sue Simmons said she was not in favor of a time clock and said she felt it would be a problem especially for the village police department. She questioned how the deputies that reside out of town and had to attend court hearings, or other job related meetings directly from their homes, would be able to use the time clock effectively.

"A time clock is something to be used consistently and I don't think it can be done with all departments due to certain factors," she said.

Simmons also said she felt the abrupt issuing of a time clock could create a message that the village does not trust their employees and could decrease employee morale.

Mayor Steve Guy responded to Simmons' comment saying that the time clock suggestion was not intended to create any feelings of mistrust. It was basically a suggestion to help the village manage the time study reports and pay system in a more effective manner.

Village Fiscal Officer Tim Cinefro said the new computerized camera system that was recently installed in the Municipal Building records everyone coming in and going out of the building, and captures the date and time. He said if there was any concerns with a village employee that the supervisor or the Mayor, could review the camera history that is saved in the system.

Police chief Tim Miller said he had no problem using the time clock but questioned the rationale for a salaried employee to be required to use the time clock.

Councilmember Dave Hickman responded, "I just feel it would be better to have everyone use it (time clock), that way there is no question."

Mayor Guy suggested that if council members could not come to an agreement that they should further discuss the topic of the time clock in a department head meeting, then present their decision at a later time.

Councilmember Simmons said the hand-written reports done by the supervisors were sufficient.

"The time clock system would just be another major cost to this village. We (the village) are trying to recover. We do not need another expense added," she said.

Other business discussed included:

* Council discussed the road to the village water tower (on Keiser Hill) and are in question of whether the road is a public road, access road or an extension of Neighbor Street. Miller said he received an updated map of the village and offered to check on the matter.

* Village Solicitor Shawn Lindsay said the village's high grass/weeds and dilapidated structures ordinances have been recently reviewed. He said both ordinances were "cut and dry" and did not feel that they required any further explanation at this point. He said the village has been monitoring several properties and structures in the village and will be enforcing the ordinance after issuing three warnings.

* NERS will be holding a chicken barbecue and car show at the David Barber Civic Center on July 4 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Meal tickets are on sale through any NERS member.

* Cy Young Days Festival Parade is planned for June 27 at 6 p.m. The lineup will be at Cy Young Park.

* Council approved a total of $3,450 to replace ten 24-feet by 48-feet concrete ADA detectable warning domes for the sidewalk/street intersection at State Street.

Items from the June 1 village council meeting included:

* Patty Hendrix was hired as a part-time police dispatcher.

* Dave Seibert and Dustin Lehman were hired for full-time positions for the village labor pool. Dirk Thornton and Kevin Grier were hired for the seasonal positions.

* The village speed limit was discussed. No action taken.

* Patrolmen Michael Brooks, Todd Carr and Matt Jenkins were approved to move from their probationary status to full-time status.

The next village council session is planned for July 6 at 7 p.m.