NEWCOMERSTOWN -- The Newcomerstown Rotary Club is requesting ideas for community projects they can take on to improve life in Newcomerstown.They have done many in the past and thank all the contributors to their fund-raisers that provided money for these projects such as Rotary started the Little League program in 1952 (The Rotary Club and Thompson family donated 15 acres to Cy Young Park expansion.); rebuilt the Sam Douglas Saloon at the Olde Main Street Museum and Social Center; funded various scholarships; built two new shelters at Cy Young Park; distributed dictionaries to third graders for several years; donated an Audiometer for school use; installed fences at school and Little League fields and support a ball team; and supported RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards).They want input from local citizens to let them know what projects need to be done to make it better in Newcomerstown. If you have an idea, contact Community Projects Leader Scott C. Heil, at the Huntington Bank, 498-8376.