WEST LAFAYETTE -- Thanks to West Lafayette's Council decision June 22, some of the Fresno area residents that do not currently have sewage service will soon be having the service available.

Village council approved Mayor Jack Patterson to enter into a contract with the Coshocton County commissioners and to approve the ordinance to provide sanitary sewer service to Fresno, and some surrounding areas, which will include Pearl Valley Cheese Company.

The village approved the service to those residents at an outside-the-village-limits rate. The rates for Pearl Valley Cheese will not be the same as residential rates and will be negotiated at a later date.

According to the ordinance that was provided, the board of county commissioners for Coshocton County will provide all costs, and will connect it's line to the existing sewage system at the State Route 93 and U.S. 36 intersection. The tie-in line will meet all local, state and federal regulations.

Other business included:

* Travis Hahn was approved for early vacation time.

* Council approved the plan to purchase a new 3/4 ton dump truck. Village administrator David Kadri will start checking price quotes for a new truck. The village will then later sell the dump truck that is currently being used.

The next meeting will be July 13 at 7 p.m.