NEWCOMERSTOWN -- A total of 137 vehicles registered for the 2009 Newcomerstown Fire Department's annual car show, July 4. The following vehicles received a Fenton bell and the the Best of Show was awarded a special trophy: Scott Yingling of Frazeysburg, 1998 Dodge; Laura Haning of Senecaville, 2004 Corvette; Gary Zion of New Philadelphia, 2008 Big Dog; Tom Eckelberry of Newcomerstown, 2008 Kawasaki; Jerry Davis of Newark, 1933 Plymouth; Jim Page of New Philadelphia, 1986 Honda; B.J. Hammonds of Fallansbee, W.Va., 2009 Dodge; Brent Clark of Coshocton, 1957 Chevy; Clayton Waller of New Philadelphia, 2007 Shelby; Keith Lamb of Newark, 1963 Chevy; Dee Franz of Mt. Vernon, 2007 Chevy; Don Garlinger of Hopedale, 2007 Mustang; Max Booth of Cadiz, 1957 Chevy; Sandy Mackenzie of West Lafayette, 2003 Hyundai; Bobbie Starkey of New Baltimore, 2006 Mustang; Bill Haney of Mineral City, 1958 Edsel; Ken Starkey of Hartville, 2008 Shelby; Neil Miller of Bealsville, 1957 Chevy; Dick Fairchild of Newcomerstown, 1970 Dodge; Darlene Casey of Frazeysburg, 1971 Chevy; Ray Semon of Parma, 1939 Chevy; Bob Felgenhauer of Sherrodsville, 1953 Chevy; Seth Gruder of Coshcoton, 1998 Mustang; Rick Hamilton of Ashland, 2007 Mustang; Lorenz Adams of Louisville, 2005 Mustang; Tom Eckelberry of Newcomerstown, 2007 Dodge; Dave O'Brian of Newark, 1970 Dodge; J.L. Hill of Coshocton, 1948 Packard; Ryan Yoss of Sugarcreek, 2001 Mustang; Don Keith of Dover, 1935 Ford; Bud Brechbill of Canton, 1951 Chevy; Chuck Erfaw of Big P, 1984 Pontiac; Pam McMullin of Apple Creek, 2007 Mustang; T.A. Mackey of Byesville, 1972 Lincoln; Angie Shugars of Newcomerstown, 2006 Chevy; Joe Breehl of Bakersville, 1968 Chevy; Ron Wise of Mt. Vernon, 1966 Mustang; Dave Grabill of Wooster, 1989 Chevy; Richard Emerson of Baltimore, 1956 Chevy; Bud Conger of Coshocton, 1972 Pontiac; Bob Powell of Canton, 1999 Plymouth; Al Fillman of Port Washington, 1931 Ford; Carl Ankrom of Sullivan, 1988 Ford; Tom Wiles of West Salem, 1994 Chevy; Victor Green of Newcomerstown, 2001 Mustang; Cindy Wilt of Akron, 1967 Mustang; Charlene Garretson of Newcomerstown, 1967 Chevy; Andy Koran of Newcomerstown, 1975 Plymouth; Garry Burns of Louisville, 1964 Ford; Ernie DePalmo of Canton, 1969 Chevy; James Kiss of Martins Ferry, 2003 Ford; Jack Reed of Parkersburg, W.Va., 1969 Plymouth; Rick Young of Byesville, 1962 Ford; Liz Clark of Coshocton, 2003 PT Cruiser; Tom Travis of Pataskala, 1957 Ford; Dave Shutt of Sugarcreek, 1968 Chrysler; Joe Jacobs of Strasburg, 1990 Mustang; JIm Crews of Wellsville, 1977 Dodge; Mark Markhoffer of Fresno, 1935 Chevy; Ron Hawk of Danville, 1961 Chevy; Lynn Steel of Bellaire, 1975 Pontiac; Larry Smoke of Newark, 1955 Chevy; Chris Porter of St. Clairsville, 1987 Buick; Larry Haney of Harrisville, Pa., 1973 Plymouth; Jim Kimball of Williamstown, W.Va., 1966 Mustang; Jim Thomas of Canton, 1932 Ford; Dave Shugars of Newcomerstown, 1985 Chevy; R.J. Day of Coshocton, 2004 Ford; Gene Steele of Stillwater, 1967 Mustang; Don Kyle of Newton Falls, 1968 Dodge; Jerry Keller of Strasburg, 1957 Pontiac; John Santo of Thornville, 1932 Ford; Robert Casterline of Newcomerstown, 1972 Chevy; Don Fouts of Gnadenhutten, 1964 Chevy; and Bob Harmon of Newark, 1934 Frord.The Best of Show went to Gary Dutro of Adamsville with his 1969 Mustang.