WEST LAFAYETTE -- Unsightly yards in the Village of West Lafayette are becoming a major concern so much that the mayor is asking village residents to take note of the issue and act accordingly.

The village will be making every effort to enforce their ordinance on unsightly properties. The ordinance was recently reviewed by the village, updated and given more clarification. The main issue at stake is high grass, weeds, which Mayor Jack Patterson has reminded residents that the ordinance specifies any grass over eight inches in height is in violation.

This issue was the main topic of discussion during the village's regular meeting July 13.

Council members later approved the mayor's recommendation for a specific task force to be appointed to monitor the yards and properties throughout the village, and enforce the ordinance as it becomes necessary.

According to Mayor Patterson, the two-men task force will be comprised of council members Kelly Gossett and Ron Lusk. The property owners that are found to be in violation will then be contacted and given a chance to mow the lawn and trim weeds before other alternative measures are taken.

Two other items were approved by council during the 40-minute session. The first item concerned the mayor signing the contract for the sewage rates for the county commissioners in regards to sewage service being provided to the Fresno area. The cost was re-calculated and is at a slightly higher rate than reported earlier.

The second item approved by council was regarding a transfer of funds related to the recent repair of a main water line which had collapsed near east Main Street last month.

The next regular council meeting will be July 27 at 7 p.m.