WEST LAFAYETTE -- According to Jeff Wherley, program manager of the Coshocton County Recycling & Litter Prevention program, the recycling station at West Lafayette has proven to be very successful.

Wherley said an estimated 20,000 pounds is being recycled each month. He informed village council members, Aug. 10, that there have been no problems with any reported contamination or any other type of complaint from the community in regards to the recycling station or it's location.

Wherley did report that the sorting process for plastics seemed to need reiterated to the public. He said the number one and number two plastics are to be separated and put into the appropriate bin, which are both clearly labeled. Number one plastic containers/bottles are clear (see through), and number two plastics are opaque (none see through). Most plastic containers that are recyclable have a small triangle shaped set of arrows on the base or near the bottom section of the container. There is usually a number one (1) or number (2) within the logo or nearby. Wherley also suggested that all caps from the bottles/containers should be discarded into the trash, as they are not recyclable at this time. The container should then be smashed, if possible, so that the bins do not become overloaded to capacity. Wherley said the program is attempting to empty the bins on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, or as needed.

Wherley said the program for Coshocton County has seen a general increase in participation for recycling but that a dramatic increase has been noted for West Lafayette. He said the program will continue for the remainder of this year and is hopeful that funding will be available to continue for the next year.

The recycling station for West Lafayette is located on Main Street at the site of the former Dale Gress Real Estate building that was torn down several years ago (across from the American Legion building). The station accepts paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum.

Other business from the Aug. 10 session included:

* Resolution approved to levy a tax in excess of the 10-mil limitation.

* Council tabled discussion of opt out for natural gas aggregation program at this time.

* Village is considering several stop lights in the village to be converted into four way stops. The village will be doing a study of several stop lights over the next few months to see if there is any issues or concerns with converting the lights to a four way stop.

* The fall version of the Yellow Flag Yard Sales will be Sept. 11-12. Sign-up deadline for the yard sales is Sept. 5. The cost will be $5 and includes a listing for the yard sale and a yellow flag to place in the yard. Sign-up and other information is available at Brother's Hardware.

* West Lafayette Chamber of Commerce will have their monthly meeting Aug. 25 at Lafayette Pointe.

* The West Lafayette Hometown Festival was very successful and well-attended, according to Chamber President Christie Maurer. The 255 chicken dinners that were prepared were sold out.

Discussion from the July 27 session included:

* Approval of a transfer within the water funds of $7,200 for expenses related to the village water well (number one well)

* The village wastewater classification will possibly be changed from a class two to a class one. According to village solicitor David Kadri, the change would be beneficial to the village since less manpower and lesser hours would be required at the water plant, thus saving the village money.

* Village council approved four hour increments for vacation/PTO for village employees until the ordinance can be updated to approve the half days instead of the current eight hour days.

* The village agreed to post "no hunting" signs at the property that is near the village water wells due to liability and to avoid potential damage to the water wells that are nearby.

* Council entered into executive sessions on both July 27 and Aug. 10 to discuss compensation for public employees. No action taken at this time, according to Mayor Jack Patterson.

The next meeting is Aug. 24 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.