Police Department

Calls Wednesday (Sept. 2)

11:08 p.m., noise complaint filed by a Wood Avenue resident.

11:02 p.m., domestic dispute reported at a West Main Street home. A report was taken by officers.

9:58 p.m., reckless driver reported on U.S. 36.

8:51 p.m., Neighbor Street resident reported being harassed.

6:10 p.m., citation issued to a motorist during a traffic stop on North College Street.

1:38 p.m., fallen tree limb blocking a portion of County Road 9.

10:03 a.m., officer requested at an Enterprise Drive business.

5:19 p.m., suspicious individual observed inside a vehicle near U.S. 36.

Calls Tuesday (Sept. 1)

8:21 p.m., officer flagged down by an individual reporting vandalism damage at a West Church Street location.

4:52 p.m., officer located debris on East State Street.

3:16 p.m., fight reported at Newcomerstown High School. A report was taken.

1:26 p.m., auto accident reported on U.S. 36.

11:36 a.m., suspicious person observed searching for scrap in trash along McKinley Avenue.

10:44 a.m., auto accident reported on East State Street.

8:06 a.m., accident reported on South River Street.

2:57 a.m., investigated a suspicious person in a vehicle parked on South Bridge Street.

Calls Monday (Aug. 31)

10:03 p.m., suspicious person observed outside a business on West Main Street.

9:03 p.m., fight reported at a Mill Alley location.

7:34 p.m., officers assisted an ambulance crew at a South Bridge Street location.

4:47 p.m., property damaged on Pearl Street.

11:34 a.m., bus vandalized while parked at a West Church Street location.

10:22 a.m., light vandalized at a Neighbor Street residence.

9:57 a.m., hit-skip accident reported at Journey's End on South River Street.

1:14 a.m., sign at a Goodrich Street location was vandalized.

Calls Sunday (Aug. 30)

11:25 p.m., charged Joshua A. Ayres, 18, of Beaver Street, with disorderly conduct-intoxication and resisting arrest following an incident at a West Church Street location.

9:33 p.m., individuals arguing at a West Street residence.

9:28 p.m., vandalism damage reported at an East State Street location.

8:59 p.m., vandalism damage reported at a West State Street residence.

8:32 p.m., domestic dispute reported at an Oxford Road residence.

8:25 p.m., suspicious activity reported outside a business on North River Street.

5:16 p.m., vandalism damage reported at a property on South River Street.

6:36 p.m., suspicious people observed inside a vehicle outside Tony's Corner Cafe on South Bridge Street.

5:16 p.m., vandalism damage reported at a South River Street property.

4:39 p.m., items stolen from a South College Street residence.

3:39 p.m., fight reported at West Elementary School on Beaver Street.

1:24 p.m., report of fight in progress at a location on Ray Street.

8:27 a.m., property vandalized on Heller Drive.

3:20 a.m., complaint filed regarding juveniles at an East Canal Street location.

3:06 a.m., individuals involved in a domestic dispute at Fruit Growers Marketing on North Bridge Street.

1:46 a.m., suspicious vehicle located outside Subway on North College Street.

Calls Saturday (Aug. 29)

6:22 p.m., domestic dispute reported at a West State Street residence.

4:49 p.m., auto accident on East Main Street.

3:37 p.m., fire reported at a Cross Street property.

10:42 a.m., canine reported missing from a Tuscarawas Avenue residence.

9:53 a.m., caller advised a large dog was loose in the 100 block of Martin Luther King Drive.

7:07 a.m., hit-skip accident reported on Beaver Street.

4:42 a.m., East State Street resident reported someone tried to steal a vehicle from outside the residence.

12:42 a.m., hit-skip accident reported on East Canal Street.

Calls Friday (Aug. 28)

9:53 p.m., report of a brick being thrown through a window at a Riverside Drive residence.

5:59 p.m., officer needed at a West Church Street location during a custody exchange.

5:47 p.m., McKinley Avenue resident filed an at-large animal complaint.

8:37 a.m., individual at Newcomerstown High School filed a complaint after being harassed.

2:55 a.m., suspicious person reported in Cy Young Park.