Kudu bull

Ron and Cheri Haver of Newcomerstown recently returned from a 15-day safari in Namibia, southwest Africa.

They stayed at the Mypaal Ranch near Tsumeb in northern Namibia and bow-hunted with Englebrecht Safaris.

During their adventure, they were able to see 27 different species of African wildlife, many with 30 yards of their blind.

Temperatures were around 75 degrees, as August is the end of winter in south Africa and therefore very comfortable.

Poisonous snakes such as the black mamba, puff adder and king cobra were still in hiiberation and so were not a problem while hunting.

Big game harvested in the safari included kudu, gemsbok, eiand, blesbok, warthog, red hartebeest, blue hartebeest and springbok.

The Havers said the bowhunt was very successful and the week shared with the Englebrecht family was quite enjoyable. The 20,000 miles plus travel provided memories for a lifetime.