Members of the Newcomerstown Library Book Hound Club include front row, l to r, Paige Drake, Marley, Murphy, Kyler Popadak; second row, Alexis Shaw, Sarah Montgomery; and third row, Imarea Sterns, Rylan Popadak, Mercedes Drake, Caden Hughes, Zachery Terrill.Book Hound Club recognizes top readersOn Aug. 19, young members of the Newcomerstown Library Book Hound Club were recognized for their reading accomplishments.Pack Leaders, Murphy and Marley, presented certificates to children who completed three or more reading sessions and awarded "Top Dog" trophies to all children who attended five or more sessions. Murphy and Marley shared one of their favorite movies, "Bolt" at the party on Aug. 19, and provided snacks for the newest members of their pack of readers.Children earning certificates include Noah Creager, Rees Creager, Mercedes Drake, Paige Drake, Ana Lise Heishman, Alaina McCort, Haley McCort, Ryle McCort, Madison Rehard.Children earning certificates and trophies were William Dakin, Caden Hughes, Sarah Montgomery, Kyler Popadak, Rylan Popadak, Alexis Shaw, Imarea Sterns, Zachery Terrill.Murphy and Marley are certified therapy dogs owned by library director Linda Hren. The dogs came to the library each Wednesday throughout the summer to listen to children read. The program builds and improves reading skills that are often lost over the summer. The program is modeled after the "Tutors with Tails" program established by Therapy Dog International.