Standard procedures for a suspected drug search was recently in question during the Sept. 7 Newcomerstown Village Council meeting.

A local citizen was in attendance and reported that she and her friend were recently stopped for not displaying a license plate of the front section of the vehicle that they were driving. The citizen said she was then questioned by the officers as to whether she had narcotics in her possession. She said she was then was asked by a patrolman if they could perform a drug search. The citizen reported that the vehicle's carpeting had been pulled out by officers during the search and she is questioning whether the practice was standard procedure for the department.

Interim police chief Mike Kennedy informed the citizen that he would review the camera tape recording and address the issue with the officers that were involved. Kennedy will then follow up with the citizen to give her an answer about the procedure.

Other business included:

* Approval to accept the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission, to authorize the necessary tax levies and certifying them with the county tax auditor.

* Ward & Emler were approved for an additional $350 for additional surveying at the land fill site in regards to the split rail fence that has been approved. The original cost was approved at no more than $500.

* Mayor Steve Guy reports receiving information from the Solid Waste District regarding composting and hauling. Guy said the village may possibly be eligible for minimal or no cost for composting and hauling next year. He said the plan is for each municipality to work with the Solid Waste District to get the best costs through a consortium and may be able to obtain possible grants as well.

Further information will be sent to council when it is received.