A vibrant selection of flowers are seen here at the Charles Downer residence on County Road 9, just west of Newcomerstown. Downer has over 50 varieties of coleus. Some of the coleus names are as interesting as the flowers themselves, such as Zesty Zucchini, Emily (named for Mrs. Emily Hardy, the wife of the original owner of the mansion), Golden Kiwi, Glory of Shadybend and Mars are just a few of the unique names for some of the coleus plants. Free garden tours of the flower beds at the Downer mansion have been in progress since early September. Downer said the tours will continue until frost hits the area. He said the flowers are usually at their peak color from September through October. Downer usually plants a vast array of old fashioned varieties of flowers each year. This year's feature is Angel wing, blood begonias, petunias, impatiens, several varieties of Joseph's coat, Heliotrope (purple flower has a vanilla fragrance in the evenings), cleomes and even spider plant (which is normally grown in hanging baskets as a houseplant). There are various flower beds about the property, each featuring many rare and unique plants and flowers.