The Newcomerstown Street Department has scheduled the fall leaf pick-up starting Oct. 19.

The village is asking for all residents for their cooperation. The pick-up process will follow last year's same order for leaf pick-up.

Leaves are to be raked into the street on your assigned day (the night before the scheduled day). The leaves are to be raked no less than one foot from the curb so that the storm sewer drains can still drain.

Pick-up will begin each day at 7 a.m. (pick-up crews will only pass by one time on the scheduled day). The department requests that no brush or other debris be placed in the leaves. If brush or other debris is noted, the leaves at that residence will not be picked up. The pickup schedule is as follows: Mondays/Section 1: From River Street, west to the corporation limit, then south of the railroad tracks; Tuesdays/Section 2: From River Street, east to the corporation limit, then south of the railroad tracks; Wednesdays/Section 3: From Bridge Street, east to Pilling Street, then north of the railroad tracks. This includes the Scott Addition; and Thursdays/Section 4: From Bridge Street, west to the corporation limit, then north of the railroad tracks.

For questions, call 488-8655. Messages will be returned as soon as possible.

Other business from the Oct. 5 council meeting included:

* Motion approved to accept the resignation of Dana Miller, Police Records clerk, effective Oct. 5.

* Motion approved for Mayor Steve Guy to enter into a settlement and release agreement for both Tim Miller and Dana Miller (this is regarding both individuals' job positions with the village).

* Lot split near the Oxford Township Building approved.

* Annual insurance renewal for the village (via Scottsdale Indemnity Co./Kennedy Insurance) was approved.

* Second reading was given regarding authorization for Mayor Guy to prepare and submit an application for the village's participation in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement/Local Transportation Improvement program.

* The notice of appeal concerning termination of David Watson, Newcomerstown Police captain, has been postponed due to Watson's recent hospitalization.

* Municipal Building Committee meeting planned for Oct. 12 at the water department.

* Regional planning committee will meet Oct. 13 to discuss the flood plain.

* Solid Waste District will continue to pick-up solid waste at no additional cost for the village for the 2010 year. The Solid Waste District had earlier announced possible proposal for a partnership with each municipality to target cost reduction with waste removal.

Council entered a brief executive session to discuss personnel. No action taken.

Council's next meeting will be Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. at the David Barber Civic Center.