Election to decide outcome of council, school board racesNiki WolfeNewcomerstown NewsThe Nov. 3 general election will decide various local races including who will fill the four vacancies on Newcomerstown Village Council.The candidates seeking the positions include Janet Bush, Jim Carr, Burris L. Gardner and Dave Hickman, all Independent candidates; and Heather M. Stein Wells, a Democrat.Al Miskimen is seeking a seat on the Newcomerstown Board of Public Affairs. Where as, eight individuals filed for only three vacancies on the Newcomerstown Exempted Village Board of Education.The eight candidates filing for school board include: Arlene Mayhew, Wanda Joy Snyder, Jerry P. Lahmers, Daisy Mozena, Michael R. Miller, Steven Bush, Vince Nay and James O. Conner. Three candidates filed petitions for three vacancies with the Indian Valley Local Board of Education in Gnadenhutten. They include, Larry A. Holmes, Kathy A. Roth and Francis L. Picchetti.In the Ridgewood Local School District, three candidates filed for two vacancies on the board. The candidates include Dennis C. Bahmer, Frank Mathews and Art Saylor. Meanwhile, there are four vacancies and four candidates seeking election to Gnadenhutten Village Council. They are, John O. Heil, Donald McMath, Clifford Bolon and David A. Frey.For Port Washington Village Council, four candidates also seek four vacancies. The candidates are, John J. Bourne, John E. Little, Lori Goettge and Teresa Jones.No one filed for vacancies on Stone Creek Village Council.In terms of township trustees, the following candidates seek positions:* Bucks Township (two to be elected) -- Bill Burgan Jr., Douglas L. Ott and Terry P. Mizer.* Clay Township (two to be elected) -- Ruby Kinsey, Karl Kohler and Eric Himes.* Jefferson Township (two to be elected) -- Leon M. Yoder, Jim E. Boltz II, Scott P. Swaldo and Perry E. Beavers. * Oxford Township (two to be elected) -- Ed Patrick, Milford I. Addy, Jay Winkler and James R. McDonnell. * Perry Township (two to be elected) -- Matthew C. Micozzi, Michael L. Pivonka, Richard Vernon Gardner, Timothy A. Feldhake, Ed Conley and Jay G. Overholt. * Salem Township (two to be elected) -- Donald J. Meek and Ray M. Stocker. * Washington Township (two to be elected) -- Loren R. Berger, Micah N. Hagan and Ronald D. Quillin. Local issues facing voters include:* Issue 7 -- Speedway Super America LLC, dba Speedway No. 6240, precinct 60 Newcomerstown, Sunday sale of beer between the hours of 10 a.m. and midnight at 100 Morris Crossing, Newcomerstown, commencing 2010. * Issue 8 -- Froehlich Enterprises Inc., precinct 62 Newcomerstown, Sunday sale of beer, wine, mixed beverages and spirituous liquor at 425 W. State St., Newcomerstown, commencing 2010.* Issue 17 -- Sally's Hilltop Store LLC, precinct 79 Washington Township, Sunday sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages between the hours of 10 a.m. and midnight, commencing 2010.* Issue 18 -- Gnadenhutten-Clay Union Cemetery District, renewal tax levy, .5-mill, 5-years, for the purpose of maintaining and operating Gnadenhutten-Clay Union Cemetery, commencing 2010. Polling locations will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 3.