GNADENHUTTEN -- Members of The Tuscarawas County Heritage Home Association approved the presentation of a Historic Marker for the barn owned by Kerry and Pam Saunders at 1188 Fry's Valley Road between Tuscarawas and Gnadenhutten.

An Historic Marker is awarded for a home or building that has historical significance -- such as a notable person having conducted business there -- without the property having to qualify as a Heritage Home. To begin to qualify for a Historic Marker, 20th Century Plaque, or Heritage Home Plaque, the property owner must first submit an application to the Association.

This, the first barn to be awarded a plaque by the Association, was built in Fry's Valley in 1884 by Frederick J. Haupert on 100 acres he purchased in 1855. The 100 acres was originally patented to Nathan B. Haswell in 1833 by President Andrew Jackson.

The structure is a poplar-sided Sweitzer Forebay barn, a 2 1/2 story bank barn characterized by a cantilevered overhang on the second story. This style was popularized by the German/Swiss immigrants in Pennsylvania. The barn has its original slate roof and its cornerstone (pictured), with Mr. Haupert's name and the date 1884, is intact.

The Kinsey family owned the barn from 1931-2001. The Saunders' are the third family to own the barn.

The Tuscarawas County Heritage Home Association is a non-profit Ohio corporation, tax-exempt under IRC section 501(c)(3). The association is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of architecturally and historically significant homes and other structures located in Tuscarawas County. More than 60 Tuscarawas County historic homes and buildings have been awarded Historic Markers, Heritage Home Plaques, or 20th Century Plaques by the Association.

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The State of Ohio has bragging rights to the largest number of properties and districts, more than 3700, of any state in the union listed in the National Register of Historic Places; 69 are National Historic Landmarks. There are listings in every one of Ohio's 88 counties; 24 are located in Tuscarawas County.

Photo courtesy of Jerry Stoughton The historic barn, owned by Kerry and Pam Saunders at 1188 Fry's Valley Road, between Tuscarawas and Gnadenhutten, was awarded an Historic Marker by the Tuscarawas County Heritage Home Association.