WEST LAFAYETTE -- Pastor Joe Hill of the Victory Center Church in West Lafayette has written his second book but this time, he uses childhood friends in the story.

Pastor Hill said, "Red Cloud's Revenge," uses the names of his childhood friends and now-a-days friends in the novel, including Carl Cathel and his wife (girlfriend in the story) and his coffee-drinking friend, Bob Mormon. He even uses his own name as well as his wife's name in the story.

The story is classified as historical fiction. He admits that some areas Pastor Hill had to do research to portray accurately. Otherwise, Hill said it's fiction through and through.

The western centers on the "end of the Civil War but prior to the war between the states," he said.

It features two men that were captured and sent to Andersonville (Ga.) Prison (also known as Camp Sumter.) Camp Sumter was one of the largest military prisons established by the Confederacy during the Civil War. In existence for 14 months, over 45,000 Union soldiers were confined at the prison. Of these, almost 13,000 died from disease, poor sanitation, malnutrition, overcrowding and exposure to the elements. The largest number held in the 26 1/2-acre stockade at any one time was more than 32,000, during August of 1864.

The two men were set free and the story journeys them through as they lead a wagon train from Georgia to Montana.

"It makes good reading," Pastor Hill said. "I'm not that happy with it because I pushed it out too fast but the story line is good."

Pastor Hill utilized his daughter, Christine's help in editing the book which took him about six months to write.

He has already had three book signings in Circleville, Newark and Heath. However, he plans to do a few additions/re-writes and have them ready for the next printing.

Pastor Hill's first novel, "Shattered Dreams," is already in its third printing.

Both books are available at the Newcomerstown News office in Newcomerstown for purchase. They sell for $15.95 each.

Or, an order may be placed by writing Pastor Hill at Joe Hill, P.O. Box 32, West Lafayette, OH 43832; or e-mailing him at dad520@sbcglobal.net.