Multiple robberies solved in West LafayetteWilliam CasteelNewcomerstown NewsWEST LAFAYETTE -- As a result of several recent robberies in the Village of West Lafayette, the police department is advising all residents to take extra pre-cautions in order to avoid becoming a victim. Police Captain Erin Miller, who has been instrumental in solving several of the robberies, said, "Many of the suspects of these robberies knew the victim and their habits." "Once a suspect knows the victim's routines or habits it (robbery) becomes an opportune time," Miller said. Most of the recent robberies involved the theft of cash and a debit card. She said the robberies that have occurred in recent months really did not have any specific pattern. She said, "Some items and money have been recovered and some, unfortunately, have not and may never be." One of the newest criminal fads is a term used by local teens and is called car hopping. The fad reportedly involves the practice of basically just tugging on any car door handle that they walk by, if the door opens it is an invitation to take whatever they see. Miller is advising residents to take an extra second to lock the car door, roll up the window, keep purses, wallets, money, medications and any other valuable items out of sight. She said the same practice for the home."It is so easy to leave the car unlocked or leave your purse or wallet in the car while you run into the store, or gas station. It only takes one second for a theft to occur. Theft is a crime of opportunity and knowledge."Miller said the police department has been very diligent in following up on all the reported thefts and they will continue to do so. Police Chief Terry Mardis said there were at least 19 robberies solved in past months and he commended his department for their outstanding work and perseverance.