It's a new year and a couple new faces are now part of Newcomerstown Village Council.

Heather Stein-Wells and Burris Gardner were elected to seats on council, replacing councilmembers Derek Hickman and Lehman Clark.

Stein-Wells and Gardner are both life long members of the community, as well as both serving the local emergency medical system.

Mayor Steve Guy assigned the 2010 village council positions at Jan. 4 meeting.

Shawn Lindsay will serve as village solicitor for a one year term (2010-2011).

Sue Simmons was assigned as president pro tempore of council (2010-2011) and Dave Hickman assigned as clerk pro tempore of council (2010-2011).

Other positions are as follows:

* Sewer, Public Works and Community Events -- Gardner (chairman), Hickman and Simmons.

* Public Safety and Public Works -- Simmons (chairman), Gardner and Hickman.

* Finances and Long Range Planning -- Earl McCormick (chairman), Stein-Wells and Janet Bush.

* Building, Grounds and Community Development -- Stein-Wells (chairman), Bush and McCormick.

* Streets, Sidewalks and Recreation -- Hickman (chairman), McCormick and Stein-Wells.

* Legislative, Rules and Personnel -- Bush (chairman), Simmons and Gardner.

* Representatives to Tri-County Ambulance -- Gardner and McCormick.

* Representatives to NERS -- Bush and Hickman.

* Street Commissioner -- J.R. Simmons.

* Fire Commissioner -- Bobby McGarry.

* Board of Public Affairs -- Gregg Shivers, Al Miskimen and Jim Friel.

Council's next meeting will be Jan. 18 at 7 p.m.