Nc'town child predator sentenced

NEW PHILADELPHIA -- George Amore, 63, formerly of 602 W. State St., Newcomerstown, pled guilty Jan. 25 to an indictment that included six counts of unlawful sexual contact with a minor and one count importuning.

The six charges resulted from Amore's continuous sexual abuse of six teenage boys over the course of the past several years and a recent proposition regarding a seventh. All of the victims were between the ages of 13 and 15. At the end of the hearing, Judge Elizabeth L. Thomakos immediately sentenced Amore to a 12-year, eight months in prison. Amore was taken into custody by sheriff's deputies to await transportation to the prison.

At the hearing, two victims spoke. The first was one of the teenage victims, who stated that his life has not been the same since he was abused. Also present was the mother of another of victim. With great emotion, this mother described what had been robbed from her son and family: Trust, feeling safe and feeling normal.

Amore's attorney, Derek Lowery, asked the court to take into consideration the fact that Amore had no criminal record.

Amore said, "I'm sorry for the hurt I caused."

Thomakos inquired of Amore whether he knew what kind of harm he had inflicted. Amore responded that he didn't know.

Thomakos reiterated the harms expressed by the victims present in the courtroom and indicated that those harms were consistent with what had been expressed by the other victims who elected not to appear in court. The judge then imposed the prison sentence which was in excess of the recommendation by the prosecution.

Assistant Tuscarawas County Prosecutor Amanda Miller said, "We are more than satisfied with the sentence."

She also said that the victim who had the courage to speak in court about his suffering spoke for all the victims and did so eloquently.

"His words drove home how these types of crimes can cause life-long and devastating effects for the victims and their families," she said.