Newcomerstown Thespians, l to r, Lexi Filby, "Lily Rose," and Taylor Love, "Violet Rose," perform during the recent murder-mystery at the Olde Main Street Museum and Social Center.

Here, the audience at the murder-mystery at the Olde Main Street Museum and Social Center were sworn to secrecy.

Pictured is a team of clue-seekers, front row, l to r, Robin Troyer and Kathy Parks; and back row, Betty Bichard and Dixie Caldwell. They are busying trying to figure out the Newcomerstown Thespians' murder-mystery in Newcomerstown.

Nc'town's first dinner theatre production deemed huge success

With two sold out shows and excited audiences behind them, the Newcomerstown High School Thespians were celebrating, along with the Newcomerstown Historical Society, its first theater production in the Olde Main Street Museum and Social Center in Newcomerstown.

For many, it was the first time to see the new facility and everyone was using words like, "incredible," "breath-taking, and "wonderful." Most cannot believe such a place is in downtown Newcomerstown.

The play, titled, "The Death of Dr. Pepper," was written by Eileen Moushey of "Mysteries by Moushey Inc.," produced by the Newcomerstown High School speech and drama classes, acted by Newcomerstown High School Thespians, directed by Mrs. BJ McFadden and hosted by the Newcomerstown Historical Society. The play took place in 1915, on the Main Street of Newcomerstown. The meal, served buffet style by Baker's IGA of Newcomerstown, was well received.

The Olde Main Street Museum setting was ideal for the show because the cast was able to become "inhabitants" of the town and performed all around the audience, who occupied the middle of the old-time Main Street. The various stores were occupied, with the mail man in the post office, newsboys in the newspaper office and a man getting a shave in the barber shop. Even the "Sam Douglas Saloon" was open for the first time.

The audience consisted of 12 teams and each was given the task of solving the "crime" by listening to the actors and putting together other "clues" that they searched out.

The 1915 costuming, accessories and makeup were excellent. The actors all exhibited how hard they had worked by giving outstanding performances.

Much credit should go to the following cast and support people for such a wonderful evening, right here in downtown Newcomerstown. The roster includes: Cast, John Machan, Taylor Starcher, Taylor Love, Lexi Filby, Rose Marinucci, Steven Wheeler; table guides, Amber Clark, Abby Creager, Charise Fultz, Hayley Glazer, Macy Hannahs, Chelsee King; townspeople, Dustin Bryant, Seth Colvin, Haley Corbett, Christian Graves, Katie Lyons, Lexie Montgomery, Katelin Stringer, Tia Sims, Lexie Styer, Nikita Thompson, Lanee Thornsley; student directors, Hayley Glazer and Charise Fultz; producers (NHS speech and drama class), Amber Clark, Seth Colvin, Haley Corbett, Lexi Filby, Charise Fultz, Hayley Glazer, Tia Sims, Taylor Starcher, Lexie Styer; and properties, Lexi Montgomery (chief), Christian Graves, Nikita Thompson.

The Newcomerstown Historical Society volunteers for the production included: Edy Groff, Ellen Pickrell, Nola Mallett, Lelin Welsch, Gloria Ellis, Gloria Johnson, Judy Steinback, Judy Zeidler, Elaine Mayenschein, Mary Watts, Ray McFadden, James Steinbach and Dennis Belle.

Special thanks goes to the following for their valuable contributions to the success of this undertaking: Denny Belle, Laurna Brown, Nancy Cochran, Kathy Everhart, Jeff Guilliams, Melba Guy, Mike Hoskins, Charles Lenzo, Beth Machan, Gina Montgomery, Newcomerstown Emergency Rescue Squad, Cindy Ramey, Roger Seitz and Baker's IGA, and the moms who fed the students.

And finally congratulations to the Newcomerstown Historical Society for this wonderful new venue in downtown Newcomerstown -- 10 years in the making.