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West School students had the opportunity last Wednesday to duct tape their principal, Pat Cadle, to the wall. The assembly was a reward for students who met their Accelerated Reader (AR) goals for the nine weeks. AR is a program used to motivate students to read while developing their reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills. To earn their way to the activity each nine weeks, students must earn their point goal for their grade level with an 80 percent or higher average on AR quizzes. If they earn their goal by the end of the nine weeks, they get to attend the activity. For this activity, each student earned a piece of duct tape to put on Mr. Cadle when they reached their goal. If they doubled their point goal, they earned a second strip, if they tripled it, they earned a third piece and so on. The students earned a total of 498 pieces of duct tape. A student was also able to throw a pie in his face. They were selected by grade levels. The cream pies used were chocolate, butterscotch and banana cream.