WEST LAFAYETTE -- She may only be in the second grade but seven-year-old Gracee Robertson seems to have an extraordinary sense of compassion for those less fortunate.

Most children Robertson's age would not typically have the mind-set to think of ways to relieve the suffering or emotional pain that others may be experiencing.

Operation Blanket was the recent idea that Robertson came up with after viewing television coverage of the devastation in Haiti. The 7.0-earthquake occurred Jan. 12.

Robertson's mother said she informed her parents that she wanted to help the people in Haiti, especially the children. Robertson presented her idea and title of her project that involved sending blankets to Haiti. Her mother first thought blankets might be inappropriate for the warm climate typical of Haiti. Robertson informed her mother that the blankets were not for warmth but rather for the feeling of security to the injured, frightened or frail residents of Haiti. Robertson later presented her idea to the school principal, Brian Rentsch, which was approved, and is now in effect until the end of February.

Robertson has approximately 20 blankets of all colors and textures. The plan is to have the blankets shipped to Haiti to help the Red Cross. Robertson's home church, Word of Life Ministries in West Lafayette, will be helping by collecting blankets, as well.

According to Robertson's mother, the only real concern is now finding the funding to ship the blankets. She said she has been calling various local organizations but has not been successful in securing any commitments from anyone yet. She said she will keep calling and checking out all possibilities.

Robertson is the daughter of Doug and Mary Robertson, West Lafayette, and is in Mrs. Henderson's second grade class at Ridgewood Elementary.

Blankets can be donated through the end of the month and dropped off at the school office during regular school hours, or given to any members of the Word of Life Ministries.

Further details can be obtained by calling the school office.