Newcomerstown Chamber of Commerce members discussed, Feb. 15, the upcoming awards banquet.

The banquet is set for Wednesday, May 5 at the David Barber Civic Center.

President Jim Friel asked if there was a set of by-laws for awards. However, no one knew if there was a set of guidelines for awards.

Currently, there are three businesses that may receive the chamber's highest honor -- the Chief Netawatwes Award.

A few members said the highest award should be presented to only one business because of the importance and prestige of the award; giving the award to several businesses makes it seem less important.

Friel said that is where a set of guidelines would help in determining the award winners.

In other business, the chamber discussed the bicentennial celebration of Newcomerstown which is set for 2014.

"It (the celebration) should be big," Friel said.

In related news, Elaine Mayenschein asked if the chamber has looked into placing a sign that reads, "Home of Cy Young," along Interstate 77.

Friel said the Ohio Department of Transportation will not allow the sign to be placed along the roadway because there isn't a specific museum in Newcomerstown that is dedicated to Cy Young alone. He also said they wouldn't allow it because there are not more than 50,000 visitors to the Temperance Tavern Museum in Newcomerstown which houses the Cy Young memorabilia.

Mayenschein, still determined, will look into it farther.

The chamber also discussed the light poles in the village with councilmember Janet Bush. She said the light poles will be discussed at an upcoming village council meeting.

"That's all we ask that it be discussed," Christy Penland-McMillan said.

Friel said secretary Susan Norman is continuing to work on the chamber's Web site. Members suggested that when a visitor clicks on a chamber member's name, that member's Web site will show up.

The chamber also discussed committees within the organization.

The Newcomerstown Chamber of Commerce will meet again Monday, March 15 at noon at April's Country Kitch'n, Newcomerstown.