WEST LAFAYETTE -- In light of the cold, snowy weather our area has been seeing this past month, the story of a swimming pool probably sounds a little ridiculous, but West Lafayette Mayor Jack Patterson said the story "will likely have a big impact on West Lafayette" even though the swimming season is nearly six months away.

According to Patterson, the village's Pool committee Chairman Dave Rogers recently informed village council that the committee has decided to not open the pool this yea, and that it may possibly remain closed indefinitely at this point.

In reference to an earlier report, Village Administrator Dave Kadri had informed councilmembers that over the past year that the village pool had sustained noticeable amounts of water loss and required frequent water replacement, along with additional amounts of the required chemicals for sanitation.

Kadri said this issue, along with poor attendance due to inclement weather conditions, the village pool did not have a profitable year. Kadri later said the pool committee had planned to contact an outside entity to conduct a thorough pool assessment and pinpoint the reason of the noted water loss.

Patterson said Rogers informed council during the Feb. 8 meeting that the consultant (Patterson Pools) had completed the assessment and later informed the pool committee members, as well as the village's insurance risk manager, that the repairs to the pool would estimate about $200,000.

Rogers said the consultant also recommended the village consider having a new aquatic center constructed versus repairing the thirty eight year old structure. Rogers said as a result of the negative assessment findings and safety concerns, the village's pool insurance carrier announced that they would not be able to renew the pool's insurance option until the pool is either completely repaired or replaced.

Rogers said the pool committee has met several times to review the final assessment report and recommendations before they made their final decision. He said they realize the community will greatly miss having the pool this summer and that the committee will continue to meet periodically to discuss any other possible alternative solutions.