Relay team selling fruit

The Newcomerstown Middle School's Relay For Life Team is selling strawberries, citrus fruit and Jack Link's Beef Sticks from the Florida Farm Bureau.

Items being sold include:

Strawberries -- Flat of 8 quarts $25, 1/2 flat of 4 quarts $12.50 or a quart at $3.25.

Spring citrus fruit -- 2/5 spring Naval oranges $16, 1/5 spring Naval oranges $8, 2/5 spring red grapefruit $15, 1/5 spring red grapefruit $8, 2/5 honey tangerines $18, 1/5 honey tangerines $9, mixed citrus box $18 (Temple oranges and red grapefruit), and citrus trio $18 (honey tangerines, grapefruit and oranges).

Jack Link's Beef Sticks are $1 each.

Fruit will be available for pick up the week of March 15. Orders are due by Feb. 26.

Call (330) 243-2385 or e-mail Amy Miller at to place an order.