Good news for the Newcomerstown Police Department, two new patrolmen have recently been approved for hire by village council.

According to Mayor Steve Guy, both Bryan Eubanks and Rick Fillman were approved for hire at the Feb. 15 council meeting. Their start dates will be pendent on the completion of physical exams. The positions will both be full-time.

Fillman has previously been employed with the village.

Mayor Guy also said the village approved upgrading the video surveillance equipment at the municipal building. The cost is not to exceed the estimate of $3,999.07. The upgrading will be completed by Staley Technologies of New Philadelphia.

Council also acknowledged the recent promotions by the Board of Public Affairs. Mark Brooks and Ken Fish were promoted from Class II to Class III water techs. This item had been tabled at an earlier session.

Mayor Guy also wished to convey a message to the village regarding the recent snow emergency, and use of four wheelers and mini tractors. Guy said he had been notified by several village residents that they were given warnings by the village police department due to a violation of an ordinance regarding the use of four wheelers within the village. Guy said he and the chief of police have discussed the issue and have agreed that during snow emergencies in the village, the police department will not issue warnings to individuals using four wheelers or mini tractors that have a snow plow blade attached; especially, if they are attempting to assist residents with snow removal.

He said, however, if the individuals are clearly not assisting with snow removal or do not have a snow plow attached to the vehicle that the police department would then proceed with warnings.

Guy said individuals moving snow for residents are to transfer the snow to the side of the driveway or alley that they are clearing; it is not to be deposited into the street.

Council's next meeting will be March 1 at 7 p.m.