WEST LAFAYETTE -- A sudden wave of recent solicitations seems to have hit the village and council plans to make sure there is protocol that will be followed by any and all solicitors.

Roger Warne, council member and Ordinance Committee chairman, said the committee recently met and is currently developing an ordinance. He said the ordinance will feature several key points such as, a five-day waiting period for the solicitor once they had completed an application to solicit within the village. There will also be a stipulation that will state the time frame that soliciting can be done.

Warne said several residents reported receiving solicitations in late evening and "sometimes after dark." He added that a "do not solicit" list will also be kept on file at the Mayor's office for residents that request no solicitation.

Warne also said the committee is also re-visiting the pet dog ordinance due to complaints from residents about dog feces. He said the original ordinance, that prohibited dog owners from leaving their pet dog's feces behind after walks, only covered the Burt Park area. He said the committee is planning for the ordinance to cover the entire village.

Other business from village council's March 22 meeting includes:

* Pool Committee Chairman Dave Rogers said a pool committee meeting recently took place. He said seven residents wished to provide input into the recent pool issue and they were in attendance. He said he was very pleased with the communication and ideas received so far. The committee will meet again in four weeks.

* Chamber President Christie Maurer said 341 persons participated in the recent Rotary Health Fair March 20. Yellow Flag Yard Sales sign-up is available at Brothers Hardware. The cost is $5 which includes being listed in the advertising. The sign-up deadline is April 19.

* Village Administrator Dave Kadri said Pearl Valley Cheese has recently received their permit to install (regarding the upcoming sewage upgrade for Fresno and Pearl Valley area). Kadri is also requesting residents start spring clean-up of yards, and repair any loose, hanging gutters and down spouts that might have been torn following winter storms. Kadri said much of the sand that was used at street intersections during the winter has been or is in the process of being swept up.

Council approved a resolution to request additional funding from the Ohio Water Development Authority.

Council also approved a resolution to direct the village administrator to submit a grant application for fiscal year 2010 formula projects. The application is due April 1.