Learn to save your own skin from skin cancerDOVER -- There's been a major change in thinking for many Americans when it comes to sun exposure and the desire for a deep, bronze tan as a way to compliment your summer fashions. Even people whose work is out-of-doors are very concerned about their sun exposure.It is the result of the large amount of publicity about skin cancer and its potentially deadly impact. While the sun worshipers still are out there on the beaches and under the tanning lights, many more have changed their thinking and are concerned not only about the risk of skin cancer, but the negative effects of the sun like wrinkling, spots, and other cosmetic problems.Union Hospital's Community Health and Wellness Department will present a program on Thursday, May 13, entitled, "Skin Deep. Diving into Skin Cancer." This free program will feature Karol Lindow, a registered nurse and Professor Emeritus at Kent State University. Lindow is a member of the Dermatology Nurses Association and a member of its DNA Research Committee. She's conducted research and has both published her research and presented her findings at the National DNA convention."Skin Deep. Diving into Skin Cancer" will review Lindow's research into the causes of skin cancer, protection and prevention methods, and discuss the reasons why so many people still deny or ignore the risks from overexposure to the sun.Seating is limited for this program. To make a reservation go to unionhospital.org, "Health Events" and register online. Or call the UH Community Relations office at (330) 602-0778.In addition to the latest scientific research Lindow will teach the group how to do a monthly skin assessment and illustrate what to look for to spot a potential skin cancer early.Those attending this program will be eligible for the door prize of a beautiful summer Vera Bradley bag with sun protection, towel and flip flops in the "Day and Night Pattern" from the Grove Gift Shop in Dover.