WEST LAFAYETTE -- During village council's meeting, it was announced that water department employee Travis Hahn has recently received his Class I wastewater operator's license.

Village Administrator Dave Kadri said the Ohio EPA now requires all village water departments to have at least one employee that is known as the Operator of Record (a certified water plant operator).

Kadri said Hahn's certification will be very beneficial to the village. Prior to Hahn's employment with the department, former employee Rich Wheeler had been employed as Operator of Record. Following Wheeler's retirement last December and until recently, the duties of Operator of Record were being contracted out. Kadri said Hahn's certification will save the village approximately $5,000 per year since they will no longer need to contract the work out to other certified individuals in order to be compliant with EPA requirements. Kadri said Hahn and another water department employee Ty Twerog will both be cross-trained in water and wastewater since they are now both certified. Kadri added that as soon as the wastewater plant upgrades have been completed later this year, that it will become a Class II water plant.

Other items brought before council May 10:

* Mayor Jack Patterson was approved for reimbursement to attend the Mayor's Association Conference in Dublin, June 23-25. He said several of the workshops this year will include such topics as economic development, property maintenance codes, federal funding and liability for mayors.

* Resolution was approved to add funds in regards to the OWDA sewer design loan payment of $1,500.

* Resolution was approved regarding use of the village's credit card.

* A resolution regarding leasing of Burt Park was tabled until further information is gathered. The original deed reportedly has several stipulations that need to be clarified yet, according to Kadri.

* Resolution was approved for the Mayor to sign the application for Ohio EPA to modify the village's pollutant discharge elimination system permit (also known as NPDES). This is in regards to the plan for upgrading the village's wastewater treatment plant.

* Resolution was approved to submit an application for FY2010 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) water and sewer competitive program funding.

* Village hydrant flushing is scheduled for the week of May 24.

* Kadri said Coshocton County Memorial Hospital is asking to erect a 50-foot communication tower near the West Lafayette Public Library. The plan is to improvement communication with CCMH.

* Chief of police Terry Mardis said the department has received a license plate reader. Department training for the use of the reader is pending. Several more laptop computers are necessary to use for the reader; they will be purchased through grant money. It'll save the village additional expenses, according to Mardis.

* The Chamber of Commerce will have its next meeting at Burt Park on May 25 at 6 p.m.

* The pool committee will have its next meeting on May 17. Possible options for the village pool issue are still being discussed and several village citizens are participating in the research for potential funding.

Council's next meeting will be May 24 at 7 p.m.