The Newcomerstown Music Boosters hosted the annual NHS Band Awards ceremony at Cy Young Park in Newcomerstown May 16. Following a cookout and potluck dinner, Karen Little, director, presented the following awards:

One-year awards -- Ashley Bilwalk, Emily Davis, Alex Ham, Rachel Hendricks, Logan Hendricks, Darian Hupp, Mathew Hursey, Alex Nay, Carter Parks, Clayton Rhodes, Uniqua Russell-Barthalow, Kim Thompson;

Two-year awards -- James Blankenship, Amber Emler, Charise Fultz, David Marburger, Brittany Mayhew, Brooke Norman, Katelin Stringer;

Three-year awards -- Lexi Filby, Kelsey Gardner, Shawna Lawrence, Justin Moulton, Tia Sims;

Four-year awards -- Michael Amore, Johnna Grewell, Cassie Schilling, Mikki Wise;

Five-year awards -- Kristen Fenton, Megan Kovach, Brandon Menefee, John Machan, Erica Miller, Ashley Perry.

Pep Band awards

Perfect Attendance -- Johnna Grewell, Shawna Lawrence, Cassie Schilling, Alex Nay;

Excellent Attendance -- Payton Blankenship, Amber Emler, Lexi Filby, Megan Kovach, Brittany Mayhew, Brandon Menefee, Justin Moulton, David Marburger, Brooke Norman, Clayton Rhodes, Katelin Stringer, Kim Thompson.

2009-2010 Band President Award -- Ashley Perry

Director's Choice Award

Outstanding Eighth Grader -- Alex Nay

Outstanding Freshman --Amber Emler

Outstanding Sophomore --Charise Fultz

Outstanding Junior -- Johnna Grewell, Cassie Schilling

Outstanding Senior -- John Machan

Marine Corp Award -- John Machan

John Phillips Sousa Award --Ashley Perry

Band Member's Choice Awards

Most Musical -- Lexi Filby

Best Section Leaders -- Michael Amore, Johnna Grewell

Most Improved Band Member -- Kim Thompson

Most Responsible -- Ashley Perry

Outstanding Overall Band Members -- Megan Kovach, Johnna Grewell

Space Cadet -- Carter Parks

Band President 2010-2011 -- Johnna Grewell

Tiffany Shaw, auxillary instructor, presented awards to Kristen Fenton, majorette, and Flag Corps' Kaydi Dodd (Most Dependable), Emily Dulaney, Jamie Clegg and Lanee Thornsley.

On behalf of the Newcomerstown Music Boosters, Ashley Perry, band president, along with fellow senior band members, Kristen Fenton, Megan Kovach and John Machan presented orange and black Longaberger baskets to Beth Machan, outgoing booster president, and Debbie Kovach, outgoing booster treasurer, for their many years of service and dedication to the organization.