DENNISON -- Twin City Hospital announced a staff reduction today impacting 10 percent of the hospital's workforce. The hospital employs 174 full-time, 32 part-time and 31 casual employees and is one of the largest employers in southern Tuscarawas County. Employees affected by this reduction will receive information regarding job placement services, unemployment, insurance and counseling.

"This is one of the hardest decisions to make," stated Hirsh Cohen, Interim CEO of Twin City Hospital and senior vice president of Strategic Planning with American Healthcare Solutions. "Twin City Hospital is not alone in making difficult decisions. Many hospitals are hard pressed to find ways to operate more effectively and efficiently due to the current healthcare system and cost reimbursement structure. Twin City Hospital, like many other critical access hospitals, is being challenged by the overall economics of our times, the significant increase in the numbers of uninsured patients being seen and by the demand being placed on health care providers."

"The decision to cut staff was not made lightly," shared Doug Ross, president, Twin City Hospital Board of Trustees. "The Board of Trustees appreciates the significant contributions of those affected by this reduction and is grateful for their efforts and their dedication to providing quality care to this community."

Twin City Hospital has many quality measures in place and routinely gathers patient feedback based on satisfaction of the overall patient care experience from start to finish.

According to Joyce Schrickel, RN, Twin City Hospital director of Clinical Services, "Twin City Hospital is now, and will remain, an excellent provider of emergency, intermediate critical care, medical and surgical services. Recent patient satisfaction scores range from 90-98 percent. Overall, patients find quality care here, close to home. Operationally, our commitment to quality care will not change."

"Twin City Hospital remains deeply committed to the community we serve, and we are taking necessary actions to strengthen the hospital and protect the services we provide to ensure the hospital's continuity for many years to come," shared Cohen.