A special Newcomerstown Village Council meeting that took place Friday, June 11 to discuss concerns between council and Newcomerstown Police Chief Gary Holland was termed to be beneficial, according to Mayor Steve Guy.

He said the meeting was a "heart-to-heart type discussion and one that should have basically taken place a month ago."

Guys said council members and Chief Holland were able to discuss concerns from both sides and gain a better understanding.

He said he believes a "breakdown in communication between everyone (council, the Mayor's office and Chief Holland) was the problem."

Mayor Guy said he wanted to clarify Tuscarawas County Sheriff Walt Wilson's presence at the meeting. He said Sheriff Wilson offered to be present for support and available to help mediate if it became necessary. He said that the village was appreciative of Wilson's presence at the regular June 7 session, as well as the special June 11 meeting.

Details of the actual concerns from council and Chief Holland have not been released to the public. Mayor Guy said he hopes that the meeting helped to convey everyone's thoughts and "they can all be on the same page now."

He added that he felt council and Chief Holland could proceed forward at this point.