Unpaid fines and fees add to library's woesNewcomerstown Public Library users who refuse to pay fines and fees are costing the Newcomerstown Public Library thousands of dollars when the library is in dire need of operating funds.In the last five years, 809 area residents have racked up $22,673.58 in charges for items returned late or never returned at all. The vast majority owe $30 or less with 48 area residents owing over $100.The library board stopped sending out billing notices last year when state funding was cut because sending bills to delinquent patrons did nothing to persuade patrons to return items or pay late fees. Some libraries have turned to collection agencies to solve the growing problem but the Newcomerstown Library Board ruled out that option also. The board was reluctant to turn patrons over to collection during difficult economic times. In an effort to combat the problem of unpaid fines and fees, the board has elected instead to enforce a policy of no checkout or computer use for library users owing $1 or more in fees. The policy is designed to encourage patrons to return materials while fees are still low and easy to manage. Fines for print items are 10¢ per day and 50¢ per day on non-print items such as CDs and DVDs. Late fees are capped at $2 for print and $10 for non-print items.