The following are the Newcomerstown West Elementary School awards.

Second and third grade awards

Outstanding second grade students (all "A" average for the year): Maddie Fish, Wyatt Conner, Leah Kellish, Lane Mowery, Elizabeth Landis, Alex Porcher, Gavin Little, Alexis Shaw, Cody Machan, Ariana Summers, Raegan Smith, Gavin Weaver, Devin Weingarth, Mia Cadle, Baylee Lower, Hunter Garretson, Parker Frye, Braiden Guy, Dylan Garrett, Alaina McCort, Rylee Beaver, Tori Vanderpool, Madison Rehard.

Perfect attendance (second grade): Madison Fish, Brooke Nalley, Wade Matchett, Dylan Penrod, Lane Mowery, Devin Weingarth.

Outstanding third grade students (all "A" average for the year): Cedric Rummell, Sarah Gamble, Rachel Gamble, Dylan Garretson, Adam Lenhoff, Emma Moore, Allison Larrick, Anna Styer, Rees Creager, Candace Offman, Amanda Grewell, Sarah Watson, Azure Kitzmann, Jade Johnson, Sara Montgomery, Sydni Zufelt.

Most improved third grade (Mrs. Hlad's students): Dakota Craig.

Perfect attendance (third grade): Jade Johnson, Adam Lenhoff, Emma Moore.

Accelerated Reader Award: Candace Offman, 343.0 points.

Art Awards

Miss Lefler's class: First, Corie Downer; second, Jacob Kenney; third, Donnie Storck.

Art Awards second grade

Mrs. Peoples' class: First, Jesse Ellis; second, Wyatt Conner; third, Chase Bryant; honorable mention, Lane Mowery.

Mrs. Sproat's class: First, Isabel Campos; second, Tori Vanderpool; third, Braiden Guy; honorable mention, Rayne Millender.

Mrs. Hayes' class: First, Leah Kellish; second, Dylan Penrod; third, Matthew Robinson; honorable mention, Jayson Cole.

Mrs. Leedy's class: First, Dylan Garrett; second, Brianna Walkup; third, Brianna Benz; honorable mention, Kaden Lewis.

Art awards third grade

Mr. Weekley's class: First, Alexander Barrington; second, Hannah Nolan; third, Jacob Battering; honorable mention, Emily Salmon.

Mrs. Addy's class: First, Savannah Shugars; second, Rees Creager; third, Allison Larrick; honorable mention, Jade Johnson.

Mr. Lute's class: First, Marianne Little; second, William Moore; third, Thomas Hammersley; honorable mention, Jeremy Harper.

Mrs. Stocker's class: First, Sarah Watson; second, Caitlin Lallithan; third, John Larntz; honorable mention, Emma Moore.

Rugrats Reading Club: Alizi Simpson, Tanner Norman, Cody Bell, Logan Cleveland, Trew Davis, Jamie Fenwick, Alana Gaskill Marcus Goodwin, Jade Johnson, Kailey Maddox, Sarah Montogmery, Emma Moore, Kirsta Stevens, Krista Stevens, Anna Styer, Sarah Watson.

Miss Lefler's awards: John Rose, Most Enthusiastic Worker; Donni Storck, All As; Patrick Durbin, All As and Bs; Taylor Moger, All As and Bs; Jacob Kenney, All Bs; Ryan Everhart, Most Improved; Corie Downer, Hardest Worker; Caleb Cantrell, All-Around Achievement Award; and Jordan Wheeler, Spirit of Generosity Award.

National Physical Fitness Award: Seond grade, Parker Frye, Leah Kellish, Alex Porcher, Gavin Weaver; and third grade, Jade Carpenter, Dylan Garretson, Alizi Simpson, Dylon Thomas, Adam Lenhoff, Mitchell Russell, Sydni Zufelt.

Presidential Physical Fitness Award: Second grade, Madison Fish, Hunter Garrettson.

Heart Amabassadors: Second grade, Reagan Smith; third grade, Rachel Gamble, Sarah Gamble, Cedric Rummell.

Fourth and fifth grade awards

Outstanding fourth grade students (all As average for the year): Hunter Porcher, Breana Bryant, Brody Lehman, Brea Garretson, AnaLise Heishman, Rylan Popadak, Ryan Stevens, Jasmine Raach, Kaden Shepherd.

Perfect attendance (fourth grade): Brody Lehman, Kaylee Miller.

Accelerated Readers (fourth grade): Joe McCune.

Outstanding fifth grade students (all As average for the year): Mackenzie Hursey, Sam Kirker, Daniel Meeks, Hailey McCort, Kate Montgomery, Carra Popadak, Cora Zickel.

Perfect attendance (fifth grade): Joshua Kenney, Carra Popadak, Brandan Septer, Chris Patterson.

Accelerated Readers (fifth grade): Lindsey Amore, Kylee Dean, Tristan Bryant, Kate Montgomery, Mya Cole, Cora Zickel.

Art awards (fourth grade)

Mrs. Filippis' class: First, Emma Brode; second, Kaitlyn Pollock; third, McKenzie King; and honorable mention, Nick Millender.

Mrs. McKinney's (Breneman's) class: First, Austin Gano; second, Brittney Roth; third, Calvin Ringer; honorable mention, Kaylee Miller.

Mrs. Schilling's class: First, Amber Lawrence; second, Brandon Anderson; third, Hunter Porcher; honorable mention, AnaLise Heishman.

Art awards (fifth grade)

Mrs. Cabot's class: First, Tiffany Miller; seond, Luke Bordner; third, Rachel Hinton; honorable mention, Brian Poe.

Mrs. Cadle's class: First, Rudy Russell; seond, Joe Kyle; third, Brooke Gressley; honorable mention, Genny Burgess.

Mrs. Lahmer's class: First, Andrew Johnson; second, Kara Konkle; third, MacKenzie Hursey; honorable mention, Bryan Grewell.

Mrs. Nigro's class: First, Cole Trenta; second, Samantha O'Conor; third, Brandon Septer; honorable mention, Matthew Dalton.

Math tournament participants: Lindsey Amore, Chris Lengyel, Cole Trenta, Morgan Burtscher, Hayley McCort, Cora Zickel, Rusty Grewell, Daniel Meeks, Bailey Guy, Tiffany Miller, Rachel Hinton, Kate Montgomery, Mackenzie Hursey, Amber Moore, Josh Kenney, Jamie Mullane, Sam Kirker, Carra Popadak.

SWAT team members: Lindsey Amore, Mackenzie Hursey, Luke Bordner, Joshua Kenney, Tristan Bryant Sam Kirker, Kylee Dean, Anna Marburger, Brittany Hennis, Sophia Miller, Rachel Hinton, Tiffany Miller, Jamie Mullane, Carra Popadak.

Miss Carruther's class awards

All As and Bs in Reading and Language Arts: Caden Hughes and Chandler Lazette.

Most Improved: Koehlar Stowers.

Biggest Helper: Kaitlyn Pollock.

Hardest Worker: Anthony Sanders.

Heart Ambassador: Carra Popadak.

National Physical Fitness Awards

Fourth grade: Kyle Hinds, Jamie Wright.

Fifth grade: Kylee Dean, Josh Kenney, Dacoda Meek, Amber Moore, Garret Mozena, Jamie Mullane, Braden Russell, Rudy Russell, Kayla Ryan, Brandan Septer.