All three of the local school districts earned "effecive" marks when the state released the Ohio Department of Education's 2009-2010 school district report cards recently.

Newcomerstown Exempted Village, Ridgewood Local and Indian Valley Local all received "effective" rankings which falls directly in the middle of the six designations for school districts in Ohio.

"I am pleased that we are 'effective,'" said Newcomerstown Exempted Village Schools' Superintendent Jeff Staggs. "There are areas that we need to address and will be working to meet those needs of the district. The staff has and will be working hard to prepare our children to become successful."

Indian Valley Local maintained their "effective" rating for the 2009-2010 report card.

"We're shooting for an 'excellent' rating," Indian Valley Local Superintendent Roger Bond said. "Overall we're an 'effective' school district. We feel confident we'll make an 'excellent' rating with the tweaking we're doing this year."

Meanwhile, Ridgewood Local Superintendent Rick Raach said, "I was really pleased with the effort of our students and staff. We are maintaining and striving towards 'excellent.'

"Now, we go back to the drawing board and work towards achieving our goal of being 'excellent,'" Raach said.

The report cards are released annually and allows parents, teachers and policy-makers to track students' and schools' progress.

"It is important to recognize the significant academic gains made by students, even if they have not yet met the proficiency target," said Deborah S. Delisle, superintendent of public instruction. "By demonstrating progress over time, educators can show these students that their efforts are paying off and identify ways to continue making progress in the classroom. More importantly, parents can be kept informed of their children's progress throughout the year."

In terms of performance indicators, Newcomerstown met 17, and both Ridgewood and Indian Valley met 23 indicators out of a possible 26.

The performance index for districts (with 2009-2010 scores in parenthesis) is as follows: Newcomerstown Exempted Village, 93.0 (93.1); Ridgewood Local, 99.2 (99.2); and Indian Valley Local, 99.2 (97.1).

One of the 30 performance indicators is the 2009-2010 graduation rate. The state's requirement is 90 percent. The local results are: Indian Valley Local, 93.4 percent; Ridgewood Local, 93.8 percent; and Newcomerstown Exempted Village, 89.6 percent.

Ohio's graduation rate for 2009-2010 was 83 percent.

All local districts met the indicator for the attendance rate, set by the state at 93 percent of all students.

Adequate Yearly Progress is a federal measure of goals set for reading, mathematics proficiency and participation, attendance rate and graduation rate. Both Indian Valley Local and Ridgewood Local districts met the AYP indicators, however, Newcomerstown Exempted Village did not.

Statistics are compiled using reading, mathematics, writing, social studies and science test scores, graduation rates, enrollment in college preparation courses and other factors.

Complete results are available online at