The Newcomertown Chamber of Commerce may soon have a permament address but there are some very important "ifs" that still need worked out before pen meets paper.

Chamber officers met prior to the monthly chamber meeting Sept. 20 to discuss the purchase of the former Solid Rock Youth Center and Journey's End Ministries locations on (143 W.) Main Street, Newcomerstown. The building is located between the Dale Gress Real Estate Office and Epic Fitness.

The building will sell at Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Sale Sept. 30 and the chamber would like to purchase the property if bank financing can be obtained and monthly expenditures can be determined.

The chamber has been looking into finding a permenant location for its office for several years now. They hope to someday have a part-time secretary man the office for incoming calls and requests. However, for now, they would like to use the building for storage, Business After Hour events, Toys for Local Tots' headquarters, etc. The building could also be rented out for small parties and get-togethers in order to help with the building's monthly utilities.

The chamber will meet in special session Wednesday, Sept. 29 at noon at April's Country Kitch'n to decide whether to bid on the property or pass on the opportunity.

In other business, members elected member Pat Cadle to serve as the chamber's second vice president.

The chamber also offered its endorsement of the Newcomerstown Public Library's levy on the Nov. 2 ballot.

The chamber also approved the contract for one year.

The Newcomerstown Chamber of Commerce's next monthly meeting will be Monday, Oct. 18 at noon at April's Country Kitch'n. All chamber members are encouraged to attend.