WEST LAFAYETTE -- The Village of West Lafayette will now have more control over animal related complaints or concerns that are presented by village residents.

The recently updated the animal control ordinance and it will now include sections that cover barking, howling dogs, as well as issues with dog feces.

According to the report given by Village Administrator Dave Kadri, the updated sections were necessary to provide the village with more direction as well as support on animal control matters. Some of the updates on the ordinance are regarding dog owners allowing their dog(s) to bark or howl excessively. Dog owners will be subjected to a violation with dogs barking or howling more than five minutes at each interval. The violation will be known as a minor misdemeanor. A fourth degree misdemeanor will be considered for any dog violations after the first offense.

Dog owners walking their dog(s) or allowing them to roam at large will also be subjected to a violation concerning dog feces that are left behind on public or private property within the village. Dog owners could also face a violation for unsanitary conditions of their yards or kennels. Dog owners will be responsible to clean up and properly contain or dispose of existing dog feces on a regular basis.

The village will forward all animal control issues or complaints to the village police department who will then follow up and take the appropriate action with violators according to the ordinance.

The updated ordinance also covers ownership of dangerous animals, animal fighting, abuse, neglect of animals, animal rights for work (animals that assist physically disabled individuals) or police department animals. The ordinance also will set limitations on keeping farm or non-domestic animals in the village limits.

Other items discussed at the Oct. 11 meeting included:

* Council approved the Village Administrator to proceed checking on the purchase of two new vehicles that will mainly be used for snow removal during the winter. The village plans to check on possible lease options for the vehicles.

* Council approved the transfer of $20,261.92 from general funds to pay Shelly Paving for the recent street paving project.

* Village leaf pickup has started. The village is asking residents not to bag the leaves. Tree limbs, branches or other debris is not to be put in with the leaves, any such items will be left behind and the property owner will be responsible to dispose of them.

* Concrete replacement at the bandstand area at Burt Park is in progress. New lights are also planned to be installed in Burt Park.

* The annual village Halloween Party will take place at the concession stand area adjacent to Burt Park on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 2 to 4 p.m.

* Village resident Tom Cordes suggested the village list council meeting dates/time on the village's website. Cordes also voiced concern about a property on East Russell Avenue being unsightly and unkempt. He also questioned about an alley way between Russell and Oak streets and whether it could possibly be paved in the future.

Council's next meeting will be Oct. 25.