Newcomerstown may once again be having Mayor's Court, something the village has not had for a number of years. Village council is now in the process of attempting to bring it back.

A first reading of the ordinance was given during the Oct. 18 meeting. Council later agreed to have a special session the following Monday (Oct. 25) at the Barber Civic Center at 7 p.m. for the purpose of providing the second reading. Council said they were hopeful to get the third reading completed and the ordinance possibly approved by the regular meeting Nov. 1.

Police Chief Gary Holland said he felt the Mayor's Court will be financially beneficial to the village by helping to "retain the money in Newcomerstown."

He said local fines currently go through Southern District Court and that it is a financial loss to the village. Chief Holland said the most notable fines in the village are currently speeding, reckless operation, stop sign violations and narcotics.

Other business included:

* Fire Chief Bobby McGarry said the fire contract is set to be renewed. Council agreed to review and follow-up with the contract process.

* Street Supervisor J.R. Simmons requested to possibly sell the road grindings that are being saved.

"There is quite a bit and it would help generate some money for the village," he said.

He suggested a price of $4 per bucket (half ton). Council requested a formal, written plan from Simmons and were agreeable to review it.

* Heather Stein-Wells said the Financial Committee had recently met with J&J Refuse regarding stream lining the refuge service for the village. She said a new plan will save the village about $4,800 per year.