The Newcomerstown Village Council committee positions for the new year will remain as they were assigned in January of 2010.

Village councilmembers met Dec. 27 in a special meeting intended for approving the contract for the new village solicitor, transferring street levy funds and organizing the council committees for 2011.

Councilmember Earl McCormick made the motion to leave the committee assignments for 2011 unchanged. Burris Gardner supported the motion, adding that he felt the committees worked well together this past year, and there really seemed to be no reason for any change.

Council approved Sue Simmons to remain as president pro tempore and Dave Hickman will continue as the clerk pro tempore. The committees for 2011 are as follows:

* Sewer, Public Works and Community Events -- Burris Gardner, Sue Simmons and Dave Hickman (chair person).

* Public Safety and Public Works -- Burris Gardner, Dave Hickman and Sue Simmons (chair person).

* Finances and Long Range Planning -- Heather Stein-Wells, Janet Bush and Earl McCormick (chair person).

* Building, Grounds and Community Development -- Janet Bush, Earl McCormick and Heather Stein-Wells (chair person).

* Streets, Sidewalks and Recreation -- Earl McCormick, Heather Stein-Wells and Dave Hickman (chair person).

* Legislative, Rules and Personnel -- Sue Simmons, Burris Gardner and Janet Bush (chair person).

* Representatives to NERS -- Janet Bush, Dave Hickman.

* Representatives to Tri-County Ambulance -- Burris Gardner, Earl McCormick.

Council members approved the contract for Robert Stephenson II as the village solicitor for 2011.

They also approved the transfer of $3,571.85 from the street levy funds to the street maintenance funds for the 2010 paving project.

In later comment regarding the upcoming, new fiscal year for Newcomerstown, Mayor Steve Guy said the village is still uncertain about its financial status at this point.

He added that there will still most likely be further cuts expected within the next year.